MD-3200 Single Arm Surgical Pendant
MD-3200 Single Arm Surgical Pendant

We provide a motorized OT pendant that is widely used for operating theaters. Single-arm motorized pendant is mainly used for placing monitors, electric knives, equipment, etc. which are required for general surgery, besides, it provides the necessary medical gas, power output terminal.

Product Detail

The medical pendant can move up and down and rotate up to 340 degrees.  One horizontal aluminum arm. Using Europe brand motor.  The ceiling pendant arm has the capability of up & down movement by an electric motor. The electric single arm surgical pendant is specially designed for meeting the requirements in operation theater and to solve the management problem of efficiency. Friction braking system/Pneumatic bracing system to prevent movement.


- Model: MD-3200

- Motorized Pendant Single Arm OT Pendant for Hospital

- Move up and down and 340-degree range of arm rotation

- One horizontal arm (1000 mm) adjustable dimensions

- Aluminum profile, electrical device separated in the cabinet

- Ceiling plate support system

- Mechanic brake (Optional pneumatic brake)

- Load capability: 150 kg

- More monitor tables, gas outlet, electric and drawers can be adjusted according to customer needs

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