Surgical Light

Medik offers a variety of LED surgical lights to meet the needs of today's operating rooms . Surgical lighting from Medik provides shadow-free, natural-color illumination that enhances visibility in precise surgical procedures. To keep the OR staff comfortable under the most demanding conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits for LED lighting include:

● Long-lasting

● Energy-efficient

● Provide bright, cool light that does not generate heat


What are the differences between LED and Halogen Surgical Lights?

The most important differences are that LED lights are brighter and produce less heat.


What are different styles of the surgical light?

Following are the major styles:

● Ceiling Mount

Ceiling mounted surgical lights provide a wide, even beam of light that illuminates the entire surgical field. This ensures that you have a clear view of the surgical site, no matter how small or complex the procedure.

● Wall Mount

Wall mounted surgical lights are a space-saving option, which can be important in small operating rooms. Wall mounted surgical lights are typically adjustable, which allows you to position the light to perfectly suit your needs. This is important for procedures that require a variety of angles.

● Mobile(Floor standing )

Floor standing surgical lights are a versatile and flexible option for surgical lighting. They are typically used in conjunction with ceiling mounted surgical lights, but they can also be used as a primary light source. Floor standing surgical lights are portable, which makes them easy to move around the operating room. This is especially important for procedures that require the surgeon to move around the patient, such as laparoscopy or orthopedic surgery.


How long is the Medik surgical light warranty?

Warranty:  3-Year on Frame and Welds, and 1-Year on Parts


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